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Get the Most out of Airbnb Hosting: 5 Tips That Can Help You Get a Better Review


Canarock - Get the Most out of Airbnb Hosting 5 Tips That Can Help You Get a Better Review

When it comes to getting a good Airbnb review, the secret is in the details (it doesn’t hurt to have a property in the crown jewel of the Caribbean). Part of the beauty of Cana Rock is being able to recoup your investment via Airbnb. With that said, we’ve put together 5 tips that will put you well on your way towards consistently having happy customers.


1. Install a Lockbox


If guests are running late or have travel delays, one way to save time is to consider installing a smart lock or lockbox. This way, hosts won’t have to be hanging around late in the evening to give the guests their keys—guests can essentially check themselves into their Airbnb residence.


2. Cleaning Service


Cleaning the property yourself, rather than paying for a cleaning service, is one way to cut costs. Other hosts find it beneficial to hire this job out and to charge a cleaning fee for short-term rentals.


3. Detail


Successful hosts are all about details. In addition to stocking the place with necessities, you should consider having board games, books, movies and entertainment options for your guests. Additionally, be sure the kitchen has condiments, coffee, and tea. Some hosts will even have a bottle of wine for guests when they first arrive, while others provide welcome gifts.


4. Create an Experience


Airbnb does not only provide for home and room rentals, but they also have an option on their site that is called “experiences”. These are experiences/opportunities for enjoyment that visitors can participate in – provided by you, the co-host. For example, you can arrange for a local nightlife tour, in which you create an experience by having guests guided to different locations throughout the night.


5. Allow for Instant Booking


The final tip for maximizing your Airbnb rental property is to optimize the booking process for your guests. Today’s travelers are used to everything being direct – just as they book their flight with a click of a button, booking accommodation isn’t any different. This is why instant booking is convenient for them as there’s no waiting around for the Airbnb host to accept.


With instant booking, guests simply choose their travel dates, agree to house rules, and press the booking button for their payment to go through. Offering this is one of the best Airbnb tips for hosting as it’ll play a big role in increasing your conversion, and thus your Airbnb revenue. Moreover, this can also positively affect your search results as instantly bookable vacation rentals tend to show up first which allows you to stay ahead of the competition.




Cana Rock properties are beautiful, but they can also pay for themselves. Running an Airbnb property can provide income on the side for hosts, and it could even generate six figures in annual revenue for those who have multiple listings. Allowing you to net maximum return on your investment while owning a slice of heaven in the Caribbean.


We’ll be back with more helpful Airbnb tips in the future. See you then.


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