Terms and Conditions - Condos for sale punta cana

Return, refund and cancellation policies.

The user declares and accepts that the transactions carried out via the Cana Rock website for the concept of blocking units will not be reimbursed by Cana Rock. Once the blocking payment has been made, the User acknowledges that they will have a period of thirty (30) days to make the payment of twenty percent (20%) of the total value of the unit and formalize the purchase by signing the corresponding agreements . In the same way, DECLARES that the effects of the blockade will have a duration of forty-five (45) days; Once this period has expired without having made the subsequent payments for the apartment, as indicated in these policies, the blockage will be without effect and the apartment will return to the inventory of available Cana Rock products. However, the user acknowledges that the amounts paid for the blockade may be credited to another unit that wishes to buy at Cana Rock.


Service and / or product delivery policy.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the payment made via the Cana Rock website for blocking units is not considered a definitive purchase and sale contract. Therefore, once the purchase of the unit (s) is formalized, by signing the corresponding agreements, the conditions and delivery terms of the blocked unit (s) will be established.

Security policies for the transmission of card data.

Grupo Cana Rock takes all the necessary security measures to protect the personal information of each cardholder, including the data of the cards used on our website. This is achieved by following international measures and recommendations for best practices of this type; so that the information provided on our website cannot be used inappropriately, altered or destroyed. The supplied data information is encrypted by our provider with Secure Sockets Layer (LSS) layer technology and stored with AES-256 encryption; also following all the requirements of the PCI-DSS.


Regarding the payment methods used by the Cana Rock Group website, it complies in the same way, with all security and encryption standards to keep your information safe; using only the information required to complete the payment.

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