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Privacy policies:

Cana Rock undertakes to safeguard any compilation of personal data provided directly by the client through any of the forms within the website

We take all security measures to restrict any third party access.

Cana Rock does not disclose information collected by our forms to any third party, saving your data encrypted by our platform, and cannot be used inappropriately.

Cana Rock only collects data through our account forms only. These data will be used only to make payments on our website and provide any additional information about our products to customers who request it.

Cana Rock is responsible for the storage of personal data collected and is in charge of processing them.

These privacy policies are limited only within the framework of the services offered through our website

We expressly make the exception that in the event of an illegitimate interference attempt orchestrated by one or more persons in an organized or intentional manner, to infringe damage to our computer systems, we will take the pertinent legal measures to repair these damages.

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