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Know the Benefits of an Off Plan Property Purchase


At the time of purchasing a property there may be concerns about which is the best option to buy it, whether ready for delivery or in floor plan, the time and budget you have are factors that will influence when choosing the status of the project. Both options have their advantages, but when you buy off plan, you are buying a project through the design and construction plan.


Among the advantages of buying an apartment in construction plans are:


  • You can choose the unit of your preference: Choose the type of apartment with the distribution or feature that you like the most, this allows you to add your tastes, change or expand any part of the property.


  • It is more affordable: One of the main advantages is the cost, when buying in plans the price does not fluctuate and an increase in the future is avoided, either by the cost of materials or by the increase in the value of the property or the capital gain that it may acquire over time.


  • Greater investment in the future: The commercial value of the property increases with the years, this will depend on several factors such as: location, amenities, among others.

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