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Dominican Republic, Among the Best Countries to Retire


Retirement is always on the list of people’s future goals, and when the time comes to think about this new stage of life many questions and doubts appear. It’s necessary to consider several important aspects to make the right decisions for the future. 


Among those important decisions is choosing the ideal place to live that dream retirement. One of the most popular destinations to retire is the Caribbean for its incredible tropical climate and its spectacular beaches.


According to Travel + Leisure, one of the most important travel magazines located in New York, The Dominican Republic has been chosen as the third country among the ten best destinations to retire in the world.  


The country stands out for being one of the least expensive to retire, since the cost of living is 55% lower compared to the United States. It also has the facility to obtain a residence or a retirement visa, access to a good private health insurance, in addition to offering a series of benefits for all those foreigners who want to invest within the country.


Dominican immigration legislation grants foreigners who invest no less than $200.000 dollars in the country, or who meet the requirements to establish themselves in the country as retirees or rentires, the following incentives:


  • Accelerated residence process. 
  • Exemption from payment of import taxes on your personal and household effects.
  • Partial exemption from import taxes on a motor vehicle. 
  • Exemption from payment of transfer taxes on the purchase of your first property in the country.
  • Permanent exemption from paying taxes on dividends and interest received from a foreign source. 
  • A 50% reduction in the payment of property tax (IPI) and capital gains. And in projects like Cana Rock in Punta Cana you get exemption from this tax for 15 year thanks to CONFOTUR law.


The 16-95 Law expressly recognized that foreign investment contributes to the economic growth and development of the Dominican Republic. Foreign investors have unlimited access to all sectors of the Dominican economy, except for those related to matters of national security. 


In addition to all of these financial benefits that encourage making a decision to enjoy retiring in the Dominican Republic, the incomparable weather and the cheerful Caribbean atmosphere are added. As well as the kindness of its people, the wide availability of connections of their airports and ports distinguish it as a tourist destination, the commercial diversity of services and a real estate market that presents a wide catalog of homes with excellent opportunities for investment and enjoyment.


It’s simply a geographic retirement proposition that’s hard to resist. 

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