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Amenities: How do They Add Value to Your Investment?


When we talk about investing in real estate, we have to make something clear: ¡Amenities do make a difference!  When it’s time to make a decision this aspect may seem like a simple extra, but these ‘’extras’’  increase the value of the sale or rental value  of your property up to 40%. So, ¿ what kind of amenities should you look for in a real estate project, to be sure of the profitability of your investment?


1.0 Security




It may seem a very basic need, but to have surveillance 24/7 and a control access of who enters and leaves gives us a peace of mind that is priceless, even when we are not at home, this is why it’s the first point to consider in our list.


2.0 Green Areas




Many projects currently offer access to common green areas as it’s becoming very important to have spaces where children can play without leaving the perimeter of the residential or condo, also if they have enough extension they are an excellent point to practice outdoors activities, they’re usually pet friendly and who doesn’t likes to go for a walk and breathe some fresh air time to time


3.0 Pool


Canarock---Amenidades-Cómo-Añaden-Valor-a-tu-Inversión-1 (1)


Not everybody likes to take a good deep dive in the pool, but without doubt this is a great outstanding element in any real estate investment and an excellent  way to get to know your neighbors when it’s part of a common area.


4.0 Children’s Play Areas and Living Common Areas


Canarock -Amenidades - AREA-DE-JUEGOS


If you’re a parent, you will appreciate these types of facilities. What parent doesn’t like to have a space where their children can play safely while we can sit back and relax for a while?


5.0 Gym


Canarock - Amenidades - GIMNASIO


Whether you’re one of those who are very active or not, a gym is always a good sign, think that  when you want to rent or sell your property  you can get more benefits from it and not necessarily in your exercise routines.


6.0 Sport fields


Canarock - Amenidades - Canchas deportivas


Although it is not very common, if you have the budget, consider investing in properties that have this added benefit, tennis court/ paddle, basket, or any other sport adds a high value to your properties.


7.0 Beach


Canarock - Amenidades - PLAYA


The holy grail of investing, if your property is near the beach you will ensure that your investment grows by itself over time, we know this can be hard to find and can also be out of your budget, but we recommend you to look for options in the Caribbean, specifically where you can find projects close to the beach and at half price of a property in Miami or another destination in the United States.


8.0 Golf Courses




If you’re looking for an infallible opportunity of investment you should consider this plus, it may be hard to believe, but there are many options available that offer this amenity without adding an exorbitant cost to the investment, be sure to get advice and to analyze several options before deciding.


In conclusion,not only the location, the environment and the space determine the feasibility of a real estate project, either if you want to live in it or rent it, a combination of these amenities or some of them will give you a peace of mind and security when investing in a property.


If you want to know projects that have these and other additional characteristics, you can contact one of our commercial advisors at the following link.

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