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7 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach


7 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach


Owning a luxury apartment in paradise is fantastic, but it’s all the better if you bring your dog go along for the fun. A responsible dog owner must plan ahead though, so we’re providing an essential guide towards ensuring you and your beloved good boy or pal have the safest, most relaxing stay at the beach.


1) Safety First


Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are updated which he is sporting the right ID. Keep your vet’s number handy just in case something happens. Check the ocean for jellyfish, stingrays, or other potential dangers. It is also an extremely sensible plan to line a cut-off date for your beach trip. A handful of hours may well be simply the correct quantity of your time at the beach, looking at your dog’s activity level.


2) The Essentials


Before you go out, be sure to pack for your dog. Essentials include extra towels, a good supply of fresh water, a leash, an umbrella (make sure your pup has shade), sunscreen for dogs (yes, you can get sunscreen specifically designed for dogs), a bottle of fresh water (to freshen up your puppy) and toys to fetch or pull rope. Bringing some dog shampoo is also a good idea (in case the beach has outdoor showers). And, of course, lots of dog poop bags.


3)  Into the Water



If you would like to bring your dog to the beach, you most likely have a decent concept that your furkid likes the water. If this can be the primary time your dog is introduced to the water, take care you introduce him step by step – at his pace. Once you bring your pup to the water, if he is not diving right in, take your time, do not force your dog to travel in. He might feel more well-off if you head in initial and decision him. If you are nervous or unsure, transfer on a dog life preserver would be a secure sensible plan.


4) Life Vests (Really)


Getting your dog a life vest (or “life jacket”) goes beyond protecting them from drowning or getting too fatigued in the water. While it serves an obvious purpose for novice swimmers, it can also help prevent your dog from getting saltwater poisoning. A life vest naturally positions the dog’s head above the water, which makes them less prone to swallowing saltwater as they swim. Thus, it is a great item to have on hand in your island getaway.


5) Toys


Whether your pup prefers the sea or shore, bringing the appropriate toys along can turn a good day into a great one! The typical frisbee or tennis ball is a great option for playing on the shore. As for the sea, retrieval-type toys that float and typically come in bright colors are easy to spot among the surf.


6) Shade and Water


Any time you take your dog out in the sun for an extended period of time, it’s important to provide opportunities for shady naps and hydration. The beach can be hard exercise, and blistering temps can lead to fatigue or dehydration. Pack plenty of water bottles and a drinking bowl for your dog.


7) Aftercare


To ensure your dog is healthy and happy after a day at the beach, there are a few things to do, starting with a bath. Bathing your pup after the beach will not only remove sand and rinse the sticky saltwater out of their fur, but it will also give you a chance to make sure they don’t have any cuts or injuries. Second, providing plenty of water during the next few hours will also help your pup catch up on any hydration they lost or may need. Be sure to provide lots of potty breaks in the following hours as well. Last, it’s wise to use an ear cleaner/dryer afterward to help prevent ear infections from occurring.


There you have it. Home is where your dog is, follow these tips and you guys can relax, worry-free, to your hearts content.

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