Benefits of Invest In Cana Rock

Investing in Cana Rock is easy, profitable and affordable for everyone. Is much more than a holiday apartment, it’s a unique opportunity for investors. With our apartment rental program, you can achieve a quick return of your investment.

Reinaldo Santiago

Excellent place for real estate investment in Punta Cana.

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Manuel Escaño Matos

I’ve been in the place since its inception.

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Alejandro Batto

Cute apartments very good beach club, a good choice.

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Milos Korac

Yes one of my favorite condos, design, close to the beach and Golf.

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Keylin Furcal

One of the most innovative real estate projects in Bávaro-Punta Cana. Quality, prestige and comfort is what the acquirers of this project will have.

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Alberto Luciano

The most complete with personalized service and everything included.

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Alberto Nunez

“My name is Alberto Núñez and I am retired fire captain of Chicago. I’ve been looking for a place to enjoy the winter and after two years of searching, I found Cana Rock. It is the best place I could find. I am wishing that this project be completed to be able to enjoy my winter months”.

Kevin Laframboise

“My wife and I came down to Punta Cana again and October 2017 this time looking for a place to buy a condo for retirement Felipe with Remax took us to Cana rock at the hard rock and we fell in love with the amenities. The Jack Nicklaus golf course is spectacular all the people working at Cana rock on that condo complex or very fun friendly and Alejandro was fantastic. the beach club is the most spectacular thing on that property and we areLooking forward to the completion in September 2019 and many more vacations to come for years to come. anyone looking for an investment property this is the place to be talk to Felipe with Remax tropical or Alejandro at Cana rock they are fantastic and easy to deal with.”

Cristian Martinez

I am very happy to be part of Cana Rock, I am sure it is one of the best project in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area.

Eldon Rodriguez

“I believe that Cana Rock is a Perfect Investment, it is A Great Project, a beautiful place to live, or Rental short time, I invite everyone who wants to do good business to Invest in Cana Rock”.

Steve and Raquel Dorofy

From the first time we visited and saw Cana Rock , we were amazed and excited! The team, including Alejandro made us feel special.

We look forward to our future there and possibly another future purchase as they continue to grow.

Yudis Herrera

It is a complex of apartments, very nice, absolute tranquility, good swimming pool, a good climate I mean it is very fresh, a very good restaurant and careful attention.

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Luca Sterza

beautiful place, overlooking an enchanting beach, well designed, in exclusive development, on the land where the hard rock café is located.

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Francisco Mercedes Pichardo

Well, finish some things.

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Eduardo de la Rosa Ogando

Excellent investment taking into account profitability, surplus value, great expectations of the area and the added values ​​of an ambitious Master Plan in constant development.

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Juan Sterling tavarez Rodriguez

This will be the hotel with the best view. Excellent pool and view of the golf course.

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Franklin Dume

Excellent project, once finished, it will be great.

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Kirk and Julia Reiner

“We are from Pennsylvania, in the United States. We have been vacationing in Punta Cana several times and we love it. When I saw that Cana Rock was being built, I told my wife, we had to get one of those condos. The Cana Rock team is very professional and helpful. It has been a pleasure to work with them. We can not wait for the apartments be finished”.

Ernesto & Sandy M

“We bought at Cana Rock because of the amenities of the 2 bedroom condo – from golf, to pool, to beach club – everything for a family vacation. We really liked the design and location too. Alejandro from the sales team took care to answer our barrage of questions, often calling or texting us back within minutes. He and the administrative team made us feel comfortable with the development and buying from afar. We believe our purchase is a great investment and we are excited for the opening.”

Alex Arias

Style, elegance, good taste, and the best real estate project in Punta Cana for investment or living. The family decision was easy: We bought at Cana Rock.

Karin Gonzalez

we are excited and more then ready to be able to have the apartment in Cana Rock, for us this is paradise, counting the days.

Peter Piekarski

Look great and when finish will look even better.

Manny López

We invested in one of their developments. Coincidentally we ran into Victor Cámara, a Spanish international actor from Venezuela. It is NOT part of the Hard Rock but they are neighbors. There is a day pass fee if you want to enjoy the choices at the Hard Rock complex. The Cana Bay Beach Club is splendid. The service, food, attention to detail is fantastic. The ambiance is relaxing and soothing.

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Jacinto Adames

Very Good.

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Jean Claude Perez Avila

All right.

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Niko Pepen

It’s a quiet place with everything.

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Osvaldo Pepen

The Picture os very nice i think if i go there its going its the same.

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Gabriela Toribio Lora


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Willie Mendez


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Nick Pawa

“Irina and Javier made all this possible when they saw the interest that my family and I had in buying an apartment in Cana Rock. She answered all my questions. Thank you very much to both”.

Nadine R. Pulling

I am so excited to have my dream of owning a majestic property in beautiful paradise of Dominican republic I have dreamed of owning there since I first visited in 1996. I am so proud to finally have a penthouse property this is truly living the American dream abroad thank you to the wonderful staff at Cana Rock for helping me make my dreams a reality.

Victor Fung

Excellent project! Exactly what we were looking for.

Victor Marrero

Website excellent!

Barb Anseimini

Very interested in Cana Rock, Coming in March 29th.

Mary Zatchman

We are impressed

Nadejda Camilo

I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I have recommended your company to others.
¡Exceptional! ¡Extraordinary! ¡High performance! ¡Love it!


Cana Rock is a complex of vacational apartments in the Caribbean, located in the Hard Rock Golf Club at Cana Bay, just a few meters from the beach. It allows you to invest in Punta Cana and obtain income from two sources; on one hand, you receive income from rent and on the other hand you earn from the revaluation of the property, which is estimated to be triple the value of the purchase.