Article repost from Arecoa

José Natalio Redondo, president of the Rescue Group, informed that the medical network will have a healing hotel dedicated to surgical recovery, which would not be far from the medical center, so that patients do not have to travel long distances, and can once had been taken care of, be isolated from convalescents presenting other medical conditions.

“Verón-Punta Cana is at the spearhead of the country’s development, not only in the traditional tourism sector, but also in a diversification process that includes a large number of types of tourism niches, which is growing more and more in the international market, ”he added.

He indicated that in addition to the Ciudad Sanitaria Rescue Punta Cana project, a surgical hospital will be added to which international medical groups will be added.

The projects are due, after past negative campaigns against Dominican tourism, to efforts to optimize health services for foreigners who come to the country for vacations or other reasons.

“We have to take care of our environment, because our environment is what will give us the wealth for each day to be better all,” he said.

He emphasized the need to take care of the image that tourists find when they arrive in the country, since although there are spaces that compare with the first world, in some surroundings, the environment seems third-world, so it calls on the authorities competent, so that effortlessly transform the quality of those surroundings.

“In that sense, I emphasize that work is being done to improve medical safety in the country, especially in the tourist destination of the Eastern region.”, he added.

Redondo offered the information during his participation in the radio program La Revuelta de La Mañana, broadcast by the Kool 106.9 FM  radio station, where he also added that the relevance in terms of growth was real estate tourism.

He indicated that more and more retired people adhere to it; and the direct connectivity offered by the Punta Cana International Airport to develop health tourism.

It is recalled that the Rescue Group is a medical network founded over 35 years ago, which already has 6 hospitals; 4 urgent care clinics; and about 25 outpatient clinics that offer services in various hotels.

Of this trajectory, 16 years belong to this tourist area where the hospital center, Punta Cana Medical Group, which offers services of different medical specialties, operates.