Punta Cana International Airport is one of the latest to trial Aviramp’s patented boarding ramps and bridges. After trialing an International and a Continental model, ground handling company Aviam Ltd now have a total of 19 units of their own, comprising 13 Continentals and four Internationals, including purchasing both trial units.

Given the urgency of their requirement, Aviramp manufactured consistently and installed in phases from March through to July with three dedicated Aviramp engineers.

The main reasons for this urgency to act and its implementation of multiple units, was down to several factors. Firstly, the layout of PUJ, the airport format made it difficult to install fixed connecting terminal bridges, compounded by the increasing volumes of PRMs so an alternative had to be found. Moreover, stairs and ambulift could not cope with this increasing demand, so Aviramp presented a proposition for their respective reduction and elimination and delivered all the KPIs required. Furthermore, the benefits in driving turnaround efficiencies, alleviating difficult capacity issues and facilitating AC parking lots at peak times; these were highly compelling reasons for investing heavily in Aviramp.

Punta Cana International flies into 97 cities, connecting with 28 countries in total, working with 81 airlines flying in and out of the airport and handling 500 flights every week. All airlines now use Aviramp at Punta Cana and aircraft types range from CRJs through to the A380.