Cosmos B 1st Floor Archives - Condos for sale punta cana
Cana Rock Star Project Available Units from US$248,199
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    STAR A204
    STAR A307
    STAR B105
    STAR B108
    STAR B305
    STAR D204 (2nd Floor)
    STAR D205 (2nd Floor)
    STAR D207 (2nd Floor)
    STAR D302 (3rd Floor)
    STAR D307 (3rd Floor)
Cana Rock Galaxy Project Available Units from US$220,299
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    GALAXY A204 (3rd Floor)
    GALAXY A207 (3rd Floor)
    GALAXY A213 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A214 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A215 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A219 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A220 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A222 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A223 (2nd Floor)
    GALAXY A224 (2nd Floor)
Cana Rock Universe Project Available Units from US$153,199
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    UNIVERSE A215 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A220 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A306 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A321 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A404 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A405 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A406 (2nd Floor)
    UNIVERSE A502 (5th Floor)
    UNIVERSE A504 (5th Floor)
    UNIVERSE A505 (5th Floor)
Cana Rock Cosmos Stelar Project Available Units from US$153,199
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    COSMOS A504 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A505 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A506 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A508 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A509 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A512 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A513 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A514 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A515 (5th Floor)
    COSMOS A516 (5th Floor)
Cana Rock Space Project Available Units from US$181,899
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    SPACE 104 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 108 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 111 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 113 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 114 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 115 (1st Floor)
    SPACE 202 (2nd Floor)
    SPACE 203 (2nd Floor)
    SPACE 204 (2nd Floor)
    SPACE 206 (2nd Floor)
Cana Rock Terra Project Available Units from US$202,199
Reserve with US$ 3,000.00
    TERRA A104 (1st Floor)
    TERRA A105 (1st Floor)
    TERRA A108 (1st Floor)
    TERRA A109 (1st Floor)
    TERRA A303 (3rd Floor)
    TERRA A306 (3rd Floor)
    TERRA A308 (3rd Floor)
    TERRA A401 (4th Floor)
    TERRA A403 (4th Floor)
    TERRA A404 (4th Floor)
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