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Investment Benefits In Cana Rock

Investing in Cana Rock is easy, profitable and affordable for everyone. Is much more than a holiday apartment, it’s a unique opportunity for investors. With our apartment rental program, you can achieve a quick return of your investment.

Enviable Economy

Dominican Republic has the fastest growing economy of Latin America and the Caribbean, with an annual GDP growth of 6.6% since 2016.

Incentives For Inmigrant Investor

Law 171-07 grants foreigners who investment a minimum of US 200K, expedited residency, import tax-exemption of household goods, transfer tax exemption on 1st purchase of real estate, tax-exemption on dividends and interests and 50% reduction on property and capital gain taxes

High Profitability With Low Price

Guaranteed 6% annual return on your investment.

Priviledeged Location

Privileged location next to one of the best golf courses in the area, and with exclusive access to the Arena Gorda beach.

Tax-Exempt investment

Law 158-01 grants investment exemption from annual 1% property tax for 15 years and from payment of first 3% property transfer.

High Yearly Property Appraissal Gain

Besides a paradisaical annual return, when you invest in Cana Rock, your property has an expected annual appraisal of no less than 7% of its purchase value.

Cana Rock Does It All For You

We take care of managing ALL rent, monthly maintenance, reception of guests and much more.

Strategic Location Within Punta Cana

Strategically located near all mayor Punta Cana tourist sightseeing spots, social gathering points and excursions.


Cana Rock is a complex of vacational apartments in the Caribbean, located in the Hard Rock Golf Club at Cana Bay, just a few meters from the beach. It allows you to invest in Punta Cana and obtain income from two sources; on one hand, you receive income from rent and on the other hand you earn from the revaluation of the property, which is estimated to be triple the value of the purchase.